RS3 Just got 99 Firemaking on my skiller!

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by Factionless, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. Was fun, suggest my next bottable 99!
  2. Ewww EoC

    Go for thieving now
  3. What bot did you use? Link please been looking for a reliable firemaking script bot.
  4. Do Cooking :D
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    Looks like he used simba.
  5. Ashaman Bonfire from Simba.
  6. Shinjis firemaker is pretty good
  7. Mining 'cause you're already 62.
  8. Got 66 over night :') but nah mining takes way too long...
  9. 99 con if you have cash for it, otherwise 99 thieving.
  10. I'm gonna try divination...
  11. Defeat3d's divination script bot is 110% legit, use that one and also GL with 99.
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  12. I'm gonna use his. Thanks.
  13. I went from 1-90 divination using his bot. I've botted 10h+ several times without any bans :)
  14. Gonna do 93-99 with it.

    Sorry for hijacking your thread a little, Factionless.
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  15. No it is not.
  16. What Filemaker do you recommend? I still have 94-99 Firemaking on the to-do list.
  17. i used it and it seemed pretty decent
  18. Doesn't last more than 15 minutes. Don't get me wrong I love shinji and his scripts bots. Especially his fisher. But his and everyone elses firemaking scripts bots on runemate are shit. Theres no other way to put it they're all clunky and barely work and look very bot like. Just stating my opinion. I have messaged all the makers of the scripts bots with bug reports but it is not up to me to fix them obviously.
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  19. I have actually decided that i'm going to start doing combat on my skiller, making it a main. Skilling is just really specific..
  20. I also did that because my main got banned and so i had more skills to level :)

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