Just to tell you guys, I just got banned

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  1. Hello all,

    I was using RuneMate for about 5 days (not straight using, just to find out how i could make scripts bots work and such)

    And there was a guy asking about the bot safety, people said there could be a chance if you used poorly made scripts bots

    So i downloaden MaxiTanner from Aidden... because he's a good scripter

    After tanning for 45 minutes i get this: [​IMG]

    So yea, i heard somewhere you knew 1 guy got banned, well... i'm the second guy, good luck everyone...

    Take care, i got banned in 45 minutes

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  2. How long did you bot per day for the previous five days?
  3. Details on how the scipt ran for you would be great, that way if it is the scripts bots fault and not just bad luck, i can improve it to reduce future risk of bans.
  4. like i said, think every time like 5 minutes
    just to test if runemate was working for me
    But when i got banned i used it for 45 minutes
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  5. I have no idea how to make a script bot unbannable... but i dont know how runemate works... there is a bot (i wont call any names but everyone knows it) where bots make usage of ingame code, and there are bots out there wich make usage of colours, to make it more humanlike...

    but Aidden, i will not be mad at you... it's my fault after all... i think this is good that it happened to me for a warning shot for everyone
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  6. We have no rules against talking about other bots here so feel free to say whatever you want :) I'm not asking for your advice on how to make it less detectable, i'm assuming you watched the script bot in action for at least 1 run so i just need to know if you saw it maybe not working how it should or doing things in a way that you think were odd.
  7. Honestly, even after all the safety measures it comes down to luck. They've probably been monitoring your account for a bit now, maybe you were reported or from previous botting.
  8. That's unfortunate. :(
  9. Bans don't happen immediately as far as i have noticed, generally they come in ban waves, this is to confuse developers, if you were using powerbot 3 months ago i would defiantly accuse powerbot of this ban.
  10. I've been going strong, made a new account 1 week ago, and I'm at just over 600 total lvl ;)
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  11. The bot just worked fine, but did no camera movements, from what i saw it used the same mouse pattern over and over again, no little breaks...
  12. yeah his scripts bots dont seem to move the screen at all. i babysit using all his scripts bots at the moment.
  13. Yeah i don't have any antiban at all atm, when i do there will be a tab in the gui allowing users to customize it themselves. The mouse itself uses clouse which pulls real human mouse movements from the client and stores them in a database, when the mouse needs to move the database is queried to find the most suitable path and that is then used to move the mouse. No mouse movements are generated, they're all real human movements, so it can't have used the same path all the time.
  14. I botted 40-76 divination on my main which was what, 15 hours? My main did not get banned. I also botted on 4 f2p accs (all accs were made pre nuke) and 2 were banned within an hour, the rest were fine. One was banned for oak chopping and the other air rcing

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