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  1. Due to the new banwave, all my accounts have been banned.
    Development is on hold, untill i get a new account with all the reqs.

    kKeldagrim will be a bot that does all the mining activities possible in the city called Keldagrim.


    Current bot progress:

    • Adding Adamant Ore Mining
    • Adding Adamant Ore Banking
    • Adding Coal Ore PowerMining
    • Adding Gold Ore Mining
    • Adding Gold Ore Banking
    • Adding Lava Flow Mine
    • Adding Lava Flow Mine Boilers Support
    • Adding Lava Flow Mine Nymp Support
    • Designing Paint
    • Adding Paint
    • coming soon....
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  2. Maybe add the requirements to enter and use the bank for people that aim to use the bot. If you need testing, I'll test when I get the reqs :p
  3. Hehe thanks :) I am going to try and make some progres tonight :)
    Just need to make a GUI :) the LavaFlowMiner is already in the botstore so yh :p
    Since i never received any reports on that i guess its still working :D
  4. Any updates?
  5. I placed an announcement on top of the thread :(

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