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Discussion in 'General Market' started by Geashaw, Apr 11, 2015.

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  1. Please post the total price in dollars and time needed.

    Attack experience:

    1. In Search of the Myreque (easy)
    2. Mountain Daughter (easy)
    3. Death Plateau (easy)
    4. Vampire Slayer (easy)
    5. A Fairy Tale Part I (medium)
    6. The Fremennik Trials(medium)
    7. Fight Arena (medium)
    8. Heroes Quest (hard)
    9. Underground Pass (hard)
    Offering $15 for the above.

    Defense experience:
    1. In Search of the Myreque
    2. Nature Spirit
    3. What Lies Below
    4. Heroes Quest
    5. The Fremennik Trials
    6. Defender of Varrock
    7. Between A Rock
    8. In Aid of the Myreque
    9. Between A Rock
    10. Olaf's Quest
    11. Monkey Madness (from the talisman)
    Offering $15 for the above.

    Prayer experience:
    1. Rag and Bone man (first part)
    2. Making History
    3. Recruitment Drive
    4. The Restless Ghost
    5. Priest in Peril
    6. Mountain Daughter
    7. Land of the Goblins
    8. Ghosts Ahoy
    9. Another Slice of H.A.M.
    10. Spirits of the Elid
    11. Swan Song
    Offering $15 for the above.
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  2. Do you have all the skills and items for the quest?
  3. Nope, still?
  4. I can probably do the prayer ones for you, pm me and we will talk :)

    depending on the deal and time you need done in, I know I can do them all lol, just don't know how much free time ill have over the next 2 weeks with finals and papers, but hit me up :)
  5. Tell me your price here please, and I won't interfere with yo finals, so tell meh
  6. I was thinking 1.5m per short length quest, 3m per medium length quest, and 5m per long length quest, prices are negotiable :)
  7. Can you sum up the total price, please?
  8. Is that for OSRS?
  9. Yes
  10. How fast do you need these quests?
  11. Rag and Bone man (first part) 3m
    Making History 3m
    Recruitment Drive 1.5m
    The Restless Ghost 1.5m
    Priest in Peril 3m
    Mountain Daughter 3m
    Land of the Goblins 3m
    Ghosts Ahoy 5m
    Another Slice of H.A.M. 3m
    Spirits of the Elid 3m
    Swan Song 3.5m


    if you hire me to do all, ill do for 10% off
  12. If you could give me a quote on everything, please.
  13. i did
  14. That's only prayer right?
  15. add me on skype and we can talk, dylanea1893
  16. If you could give me a quote on everything, please
  17. comes to 83m - 10% = 74.7m for every quest. can negotiate a bit
  18. So 75m would be $25-30?
  19. what form of payment are u paying in so i can price properly lol
  20. 70m osrs for all ($2.30/mill) or $161...... with the items/ levels/prequests needed.. $180 without the levels/items/prequests. May be open for a little negotiation. And time would be 2 weeks.
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