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Discussion in 'OSRS' started by RosedBot, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. Alright, so I've recently been looking for a bot client that suits to my needs and runemate seems to be it, no time restrictions and i can have more then just one client open at a time (id like it to be more but i understand that they gotta earn money somehow)

    So i made three OSRS accounts last night, with fake mails, i used the domain for the emails, i then proceeded to use the free tutorial island bot on all three accounts and set one of the bots to killing chickens at lumbridge and the other to tanning hard leather in al kharid, after checking the script bot now and then i was comfortable seeing the areas werent too crowded and decided to leave my pc on overnight, the next morning i found out all three accounts were banned, including the one that ONLY botted the tutorial island.

    I realise they may have cracked down on me faster because of the fake mails so maybe i should take the time to use real gmail/hotmail/live/yahoo accounts first?

    suggestions, tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated.

    ~ RosedBot
  2. Botting overnight isnt the smartest thing ever, if you get stuck you're doomed lol, also new accounts get watched a lot more then older accounts, and email is important.
  3. Those emails would have got instantly flagged, make alias with something legit looking. Also if you get stuck once on OSRS you can pretty much kiss the account goodbye if it's new.
  4. Don't bot the tutorial, the risk isn't worth it.
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  5. Alright, so im assuming my IP will be watched from now on, using a VPN all the time isnt really something im looking forward to, maybe completely reinstall my computer so i get assigned a new ip?

    someone please elaborate more on, "once you get stuck your doomed"
  6. That's not how IPs work dude haha, just reset your router or request a new IP from your ISP.

    I think they're trying to say that, in their opinion, OSRS is so heavily watched that if the bot messes up bad, that's enough to get you banned.
  7. Really? What are the chances someone reported me in the tutorial island? I'm guessing they just banned the account of overwhelming suspicion, I doubt they know that the bots used a tutorial island bot.
  8. Reinstalling your OS won't give you a new IP, your best bet is to make a new account with a legitimate email, get members, do a bunch of quests on it and get yourself set up as you would like to be if you were planning on playing that account legit. VPN's are also probably as likely to get you flagged as an IP with previous offences (if they monitor IP's, i'm not sure if they do).
  9. Can be worth to just buy some cheap, old accounts if you could afford it. Older the better.
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  10. I don't think the email really has anything to do with it. I made 10 accounts with a disposable email service and went directly to botting and they all lasted a fairly long time..

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  11. tut island scripts bots, seem to be the main problem peope getting caught, jeez it takes 5 mins to complete by hand.

    not to mention botting straight new accounts.

    make the accounts, log in daily for couple weeks, ten bot them
  12. I've made like 10 accounts using a tut island bot and they were not banned for it..
  13. I'm using several accounts with 10 minute emails. No problem at all. Been botting 10+ hours everyday.
  14. I generally use 10 minute emails too, but since my accounts all got banned on the same day for some reason I think I'm going to avoid that.
  15. Are you using them all on the same IP? Or having proxies for every account?
  16. Same IP. I'm using the same network as everyone in my college though.. and there are plenty of people here who play rs.

    EDIT: I also don't generally bot them at the same time.

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