Lazy Chop Fletch Alch [Deleted]

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  1. Geashaw submitted a new resource:

    Lazy Chop Fletch Alch - Chops logs, fetches them into bows and alchs them

    Under construction

    Best spot:
    Take a boat to Port Tyras and go past a few dense forests and a tripwire trap


    Have nature runes in your inventory and the High Level Alchemy spell anywhere on your actionbar.
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  2. Some feedback:

    - Somehow it doesn't press spacebar to start fletching.
    - It doesn't start alching unless there's 1 free space in the inventory.

    Works decent overall though. :p
  3. Those are the two bugs I am aware of.
    1. The not pressing spacebar is an interface detection problem I rage quitted.
    2. The alching is logic based, will probably fix this this evening (20.00 GMT+1)
    Thanks for the feedback.
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  4. @Geashaw you can easily reach the location if you tele to the lodestone, then walk to the west through the dense forest :p
  5. @Cloud This can be removed, I think I have made it 'hidden'.
  6. No you didn't.
  7. What's the avarage profit/hour?
  8. This resource has been removed and is no longer available for download.
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