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  1. Hey guys,

    A friend asked me to build his grandpa a cheap ass pc, just to be able to skype with him...
    He told me had a +-200€ budget...
    So i started to look shit up...
    Since i am a salesperson IRL, i know when people say their budget, you can try to cross it with 10%.
    So i came up with this.


    Now, i was wondering, since this is soo cheap, and with Sales starting in Belgium in 2 weeks...
    i can pretty much make this configuration for -20%
    Also, i would not buy a case for that personal use :) so i could make this build for about 150€.
    I would mount it on something xD

    Wouldnt this be enough to bot 1 account?
  2. Yeah it'd be enough to run a bot, however you WILL need an aftermarket cpu cooler. Don't be a cheap ass and use the stock cooler. It ain't worth it.

    FWIW, AMD is garbage, but cheap and (semi) stable if you have a decent cpu cooler.
  3. Only reason I don't have a sandy bridge is because they were being recalled and I didn't feel like waiting. His A4 5300 isn't TOO much worse than my Phenom II 965 so he could run probably manage to run 2 if he didn't want to do anything else at the same time. Mine is roughly 5 years old and runs 2 bots at 70-85% usage, no overclock.
  4. True, I'm just saying that his cpu will overheat :p Besides, since he wouldn't be buying a case, he could use a bit of the $ saved on a cheap cpu cooler. Honestly it's not a bad build for running a bot or 2 :p Would be better with 8GB of ram, but sometimes you gotta ball on a budget :p

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