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  1. I'm selling my 116. It has pretty good stats on it. Has fire cape. 93 attack 85 def 99 str and 99 fletching 95 hp. 94 magic. 88 range? I'm willing to take rs gold or paypal. Pm or post for more details.

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  2. A thing you must do:
    • Images of the stats, bank, account status. It is crucial if you really want to selll the account.
  3. Happy? Didnt want to because the last time i did this my pure was on lock.
  4. Now it is alright. Good luck no selling that mate!
  5. Thanks homie! Anybody that wants it accepting osrs gold or money.
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    Bumpppp still selling. Really good account.
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    Bummppppp still selling, it has 32 days of membership with it.
  6. You should let me goldfarm with this account. Id pay you weekly
  7. If you want to do that i am willing to. I never play on it
  8. I am more than glad to do that =D

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