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  1. Hello, Im Light Yagami or Jack, I have been playing runescape on and off for 9 years. I am currently studying Computer Programming and Engineering, I am currently 18 and have had a wide intrest in runescape botting and the friendly communitys around it (The Good & Bad) I am currently living in Liverpool but am from London, I am interested in making friends and building my invlovement in RuneMate (Very first Community I joined)
    Thanks Light..

    P.S.. Im looking for someone to make me custom Signatures and Profile Pictures :)
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  2. Welcome Jack, it's nice to see a proper introduction like this. I hope you enjoy your time around. ;)
  3. Welcome to RuneMate, I assume you're looking to write some bots as well. If you ever need help doing that, make sure you join the dev chat. :)
  4. Welcome man. If you need anything, I'm your guy.
  5. Welcome m8. Hopefully, you'll like it here;)
  6. Thank You, I am sure I will enjoy every moment of it, And is that introduction not what your use to??
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    Thank You, And I'll join the Dev chat as soon as in ready :)
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    Thank you and Always nice to see staff interactions l <3
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    Thank you, I'm sure I will
  7. Introductions are quite uncommon here, so it's nice to see one for a change. :)
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  8. It's good to be different at times
  9. Welcome. There should be plenty of stuff here to get started with developing.

    I ordered shrooms last year, still not here.
  10. Thanks a bunch, I'm sure there's everything I will need.

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