Resolved Login Handler Broken

Discussion in 'Client & Site Support' started by Aidden, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. Enters username and password in the username field
  2. @Cloud sounds game-breaking.
  3. OSRS or RS3?
  4. Rs3, haven't tested osrs
  5. @Cloud Did you attempt to fix this? It seems to be working now which is weird if you didn't because i tested it multiple times. OSRS is also working fine.
  6. @Cloud Still experiencing some issues with this. It doesn't seem to wait long enough between clicking password and typing it so sometimes it'll type part of the password in the username field
  7. Some updates to this are coming in the next update.
  8. Sounds good :)
  9. Still having an issue with this. It sometimes enters the first letter of the password at the end of the username (Only tested rs3).
  10. I've added a small delay after the click so that should resolve the issue.
  11. Thanks. Also just as a note, you can press enter to both change from username field to password and send the login request
  12. I do not think that is the right solution. The LoginHandler should be more fault tolerant and validate entries. Any amount of delay could be proven useless with enough resource throttling. I suggest rule based validation before login submission (making sure the username field text matches the desired username, making sure the password field length matches the desired password, etc.). Additionally, it should have error handling based on failed validation and server response (username deletion and re-entry on failed validation, password re-entry on failed server authentication, bot stop on X failed attempts, etc.).

    P.S. My suggestion for X is 3, to prevent repeated failed server authentication from locking a user. I believe Jagex's limit for number of attempts is 5 per 5 minutes.
  13. The username and password field are both checked before it clicks login as it is.

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