RS3 Lol Jagex voided my ban only to add a new one

Discussion in 'General' started by AtomicNova, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. Lol well I finally got banned. On a mid level account. I honestly don't know if it happened because the same account was hacked a few days ago or if they noticed the bot before or after that day. The funny thing however was that Jagex originally gave me a Macroing Minor (ban) then they voided(Quashed) the ban for a few hours.I was like dafuq. After I few hours I received a Bot Busting Moderate (ban). I just thought this was funny because it has never happened to me before.
  2. Lol thats strange xD
    Btw wait on spectre for RS3 :p
  3. Jagex's customer support sucks m9.
  4. Why tf have I never received these types of bans, that's ridiculous. All I've ever gotten was macroing major perm bans on every damn account, and it's so stupid, especially when I'm not even botting and just using the client. I logged into rs using the client (but not botting) and then it logs me out and says perm banned. Gg 2200 total level maxed zerker
  5. ikr? I botted for 4 hours and got a perma-ban - on a 12 year old account. Lame asf.
  6. [​IMG]

    Since this has not happened to anyone before I figured I would post a pic of it.
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    Just to let you know if it is your first time botting on a account and you have membership then you only receive a 48 hour ban. If you already had a infraction on the account why would you risk even logging in on the client.

    Same as above
  7. Had no infractions. This was a 10 year old account
  8. I have no idea why since the past 2 years or so I have always received a 48hr ban first then a perm if I do it again. Even on straight suicide bot accounts

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