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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by RobotPleaseWork, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. How much would I have to pay, plus how would I be able too get it to run on runemate?

    I am looking for a fighting script bot with good anti ban features and be able too increase or decrease the frequency of which the anti ban works, also wiggly mouse + newer anti ban features
  2. Do you not like Alpha Fighter?
  3. yeah but its in beta plus it doesn't have any anti ban features like camera rotation and if it does its very unnoticeable.

    when I use scripts bots they must have the following atleast..

    Wiggly mouse

    Mouse speed

    Camera rotation

    skill check
  4. Well, I doubt i could make anything as good as Alpha fighter. Especially in a reasonable amount of time. But I could still try ;)
  5. like how much would it cost?

    How would I use it on runemate?
  6. I honestly would do it for free. And i would make it a private script bot that is only shared with you...
  7. oki doki :)

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