RS3 Looking for someone to teach me how to Code Java and create rs3 scipts!

Discussion in 'General Market' started by Lachlan, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. Title says it all!
    Just wanna start off doing simple things at first.. then move into more complicated things

    $$$$ will be provided for effective training!
  2. Just a heads up you're gonna be paying lots of cash because you're essentially asking for a Javascript Tutor. And tutors cost alot.

    I can teach you but learning javascript is hard if its your first language.
  3. Hit me up on Skype or send me a PM :)

    Just so you know, RuneMate and all of the other bots I've seen (Except for SRL/Simba, which uses Pascal) use Java, not javascript :3
  4. Thanks for the Quick replies!
    Just added you Slash!
  5. Javascript != java lol
  6. I heard that reading through scripts bots can really teach you stuff. Would this help you out?
  7. Not really ahah! Means nothing to me at the moment!
  8. I learnt how to make my first script bot through Slash's tutorials and Geashaw's tanner. It will be added to the SDN at somepoint as soon as I add multipul ores to mine and a paint.
  9. Potato potato
  10. They do sound similar, but they have quite a difference :p
  11. The problem is it's really something you have to teach yourself. It's not really something someone can teach you. They can give you the resources to teach yourself, and guide you with any problems you may have, but as for teaching you how to program over the internet... I mean it's something people dedicate a good part of their lives to mastering. Perhaps it'll work for you though. :)

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