Looking to trade WoW account

Discussion in 'General Market' started by mbaker1324, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. I have a WoW account with Warlords of draenor expansion. The account has a 100 druid, 100 warrior, 94 warlock, 90 shaman, 90 hunter, 90 rogue, 87 priest and 85 paladin on it. it also has diablo attached to the battle.net account. I'm looking to either get a nice turmoil pure, or about 400m rs3 for the account. We can use a middleman if anyone is trusted. I no longer play the account and it doesnt have game time at the moment. no authenticator and I have all security questions.

    i'll be back online a little later tonight to check on this post.
    Lets see what's out there

  2. That's a helluvan account man. If I still had time to play I'd definitely nab it up for that price. Good luck selling and let me know if you need an MM. :)
  3. for sure, thanks!
  4. i'd take a maxed melee account as well aslong as it has 94 mage at least and higher range. I'd like something i can either pk on or make money on

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