Macro-banned Account reviews

Discussion in 'General' started by EvilCabbage, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. Trying with the account name 'i am the gdk' wonder how that's going to go down xD
  2. If you used a VPN/VPS, you might actually have a chance.
  3. Thing is I create and initially bot on a different VPS to the farming VPS I use, so you never know haha!
  4. I actually had someone using my account for bot development within 1 week of the ban occurring on my account, I'm hoping that this will raise some kind of flag and that they will reverse my ban and get my 8 year account back.

    The combination of this and of the difference the runemate client has in terms of the footprint it left for Jagex, I'm really putting my chances on this.
  5. better don't say how many review i sent :D
  6. Is this some sort of trap they're setting? lol
  7. Yeah, watch out or they might ban your banned accounts.
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  8. thnx m8

    Hopefully, I'll get my legendary account back:)
  9. thread closed now :(
  10. An update: If you applied for a review you will receive a reply by the 18th.
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  11. will they be auto unbanned or no?
  12. Their reply will be sent to message center inbox, you'll have to login to account and check messages on the site.
    I'm highly doubting anyone will be unbanned from this, it's probably some kind of "regretful botter" survey. lol
    If anyone does get their account back, let us know!
  13. was it in the account messaging or a email? and what did it say exactly?
  14. They didn't even send anything, It took like 24 hours to get it unbanned
    It was hacked & botted for real
  15. I have 3 accounts ready to be unbanned hopefully one of the three gets it.
  16. Good luck ;)

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