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    I do all my services by hand so theres no chance of you being ban for botting when having a service through me!

    I will not need a bank pin, as dungeoneering is a non profitable or non bank using skill.

    ALSO I require you to have all of your previous floors done and the highest prestige level. it is not hard to do that guys. Also if ANY dungeoneering xp is gained while I am not playing the service will be TERMINATED with no refund. Also please have the highest tier range/magic gear available for you, service does not start until it is on your binds and that is not my job to obtain, Thankyou for choosing 100% legit services! :)

    PM me on here or add me on skype :)
    Thankyou for choosing 100%Legit services <3

    Skype: [email protected]
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  2. Welcome to our community, and thank you for offering your services. I wish you the best of luck!
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  3. Ha, you're from PB. :p

    Welcome lad.
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  4. Thankyou for your support! ^.^ and i have a feeling i will love this community! everyone seems so nice and helpful
  5. I am from PB ^.^ trying to expand some :p
  6. Is it possible to do exp instead of tokens? Say 80-85 dungeoneering?
  7. well i will just get the ammount of xp which 80-85 is around like 4m xp so id charge 120m.
    2m xp = 200k tokens
  8. 80-85 is only 1,2M experience. so 36m?
  9. 80 to 85 is 1.2m xp lol
  10. what am i thinkin xD sorry kinda high atm. and yess il do 36m for 1.2m exp
  11. I am interested in your services. How long does it take to accomplish 200k tokens?
  12. depends whats your level atm?
  13. 74 and 30k from 75
  14. I can hit 75 if preferred
  15. 74 that would be around floor 33 correct? if its ABA you will have to give me a few days. id say 96 hours?
  16. Looking on a quote from 65-85 dungeoneering and from 70-85 dungeoneering. Two separate quotes if you could. Thanks.
  17. 70-85 70-75 will be 25m and 75-85 is like what 2.4m xp? cant really determine that but i think it is so like another 60m. i wont even charge for the 400k xp xD

    65-85 il have to charge like 100m even :p

    i can guarantee the 70-85 to be done is a 96 hour time span and the 65-85 to be done in a 4 day time span. what i will require you to do is GET The best range gear you can possibly wear and bind a bow and best arrows with armour and i will start from there :p therefore have someone craft and fletch you gear. preferrably just got to lvls 100-120 dung world and ask ppl to help you :p
  18. Did 80-85 dung for me!


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