Main, banned for only using this 3 hours!!! D:

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Factionless, Feb 18, 2015.

  1. Just wanted to report that my main account was banned while using this, during this morning. All I was doing was chopping ivy's and then got banned. Not too worried about it, but you guys might wanna review your undetectability, because I was literally watching my game the whole time and talking to a few people who were there.

    Nonetheless, I like the program, Just needs some tweaks :) Cheers
  2. 3 hours is pretty quick for a ban. Are you certain that it wasn't the result of a delayed ban?
  3. Hadn't played on the account in a month. So I doubt it.
  4. Were you on a proxy or vpn at the time?
  5. If client was detected your ban would've been near instant. Jmods have been roaming around in game so you were probably caught by one. Where were you chopping ivy? Varrock I assume? Do it @ Castle Wars or Priff, somewhere discrete.
  6. Yes I have a premium VPN.
    Too late for that LOLOLOLOL, and I was literally watching my bot the whole time, and talking to players. So a jmod would be able to tell..
  7. Something on your account was suspicious enough for them to watch it. They're closely watching accounts that have been re-activated after a while due to the fact that most of them are bots/gold farming accounts. There have been multiple posts on the /r/runescape that are reporting the bots that are being reactivated and the jmods announced that they are adding that to one of their watchlist criteria.
  8. That could be it, having your ip share a location with a data centre isn't exactly laying low...
  9. That too. VPNS. LOL. Thats uhh a high trigger for getting banned.
  10. oh well, I ain't gonna turn it off otherwise i'd get swatted >.>
  11. Then it looks like you ain't gonna play rs.
  12. Were you botting if so which script bot? Or were you playing legit and using the client?
  13. If you actually read the thread this question would have been irrelevant.

    On topic, wasn't Ivy always a more banable method?
  14. I read, all he said was he was cutting ivy didn't say if he was botting or not.
  15. Idk to be honest i auto clicked ivy with a repeatable pattern at exactly 2mins and each click was in the same spot and time for 2months done it on 2 accs aswell to 99 :/
  16. Well, one thing can definitely happen. If you bot on other accounts and they get detected and given a delay ban, every account ran over your IP will be checked for botting. So he might've had another account botting and then decided to bot some on his main. If this was the case simply 30 minutes of a "perfect" bot could get you banned. This has happened to be on about 6 accounts in total now.

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