RS3 Makin' a Main Thread 2

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  1. I've decided to make a new thread as I am Unhappy with my other one;

    Current stats;

    Week 1:

    Week 2:

    Week 2, Day 2.

    Week 3

    Week #4 Progress Update:

    MONTH: 9
    Haven't updated in awhile: Newest 99 - Magic


    Stat Changes:
    70 - 95 Slayer (Used Alpha fighter beta)
    60 - 99 Magic (Alpha figher beta)
    40 - 90+ Prayer (Dawg Guilded altar)
    70 - 93 Ranged (Alpha fighter beta)

    Had to do slayer legit (Getting tasks and running to location) Used Alpha fighter (Beta) to kill tasks,
    60-81 Ranged (Combination of waterfiends and Slayer)
    38-70 Agility (Combination of Braxtonfalls fishing and Wildy course)
    82-92 Fishing
    70-99 Defence
    82-87 Crafting
    30-71 Fletching

    I might finish off 99 Fishing then move onto Range (81-95) then do some magic

    My goals with this account is to achieve total level 2000+, Achieve atleast 10 Level 99 skills Including Attack, defense, Strength, Magic, Constitution, Ranged.
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  2. That's some great progress in two weeks, gl mate :)
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  3. Thanks, Skills are very fast when you can Afford the best methods.
  4. Good luck bro! Looking at them gains, I wouldn't be surprised if you maxed out within a month or two:eek:
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  5. Achieved 99 Smithing. Focusing on combat while I'm online & might bust out 99 fletching or Crafting next.
  6. Did you close the other one? @EvilCabbage
  7. nah fam
  8. I don't think there's a working crafting bot here... so you're better off with fletching instead.
  9. Alpha Portables works afaik :)
  10. Ah, it's probably a portable that got introduced after I quit-.-
  11. Yeah im using alpha portable
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    Newest skills :
    Leveled up to 99 smiting
    62 attack
    60 defense
    50 strength
    76 craftING
  12. can you tell me what bots u use?
  13. Two more weeks and you have better stats than my legit main.. Feelsbadman
  14. Update:
    Just achieved the following
    99 attack
    99 Strength
    75 Defense
    50 Slayer
    97 HP
  15. Which bots are you using?
  16. --- Double Post Merged, Jul 1, 2016, Original Post Date: Jul 1, 2016 ---
    Alpha fighter
    Alpha portables
    Celestial fisher
    Runespan Dawg
    Maxi Herblore
    Maxi woodcutting
    AlexH666 Bonfires
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  17. How did you get such high combat stats in like 2 weeks?
  18. It's RS3, I Average 250k xp/hr with combat so it's like 5m XP /20 Hrs

    EDIT, I could be getting alot more XP/HR if i could be bothered to unlock the Dhally & go to Abyss
  19. Very nice progress! So the account is really only two weeks old?

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