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Discussion in 'Bot Support & Feedback' started by Ozzy, Nov 7, 2014.

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  1. Ozzy submitted a new resource:

    MassFighter - Name it. Kill it.

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  2. Nice release, will try it out today! ;)
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  3. How come when I start it it does nothing?
  4. Is the script bot still running or has it stopped? If it has stopped the chances are your health is below the threshold you set and you don't have any prayer pots/food.
  5. I noticed a minor flaw that makes it look like a bot;
    when the NPC is killed and slayer xp is gained, but no combat xp yet because the dying animation of the NPC isn't over yet,
    it keeps clicking the NPC even tho its hp has dropped to 0, until the loot appears.
    Nothing major but it's very bot-like if done every kill :D
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  6. I'll work on a fix for that, thanks for the feedback :)
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  7. I can not see the Bank settings in the GUI.

    I love it so much.
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  8. The script bot doesn't have banking support at the mo, I'll add support for popular locations soon :)

    edit: I've also made a few profiles (farming black masks, killing gargoyles etc.) which I'd like to provide as an option so that the script bot can specialise if it needs to.
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  9. Can you add Cows/chickens banking.

    Have Bug.

    (05:21:36) java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded
    (05:21:36) at a.dC.null(tk:932)
    (05:21:36) at a.DC.null(tk:183)
    (05:21:36) at a.DC.null(tk:68)
    (05:21:36) at
    (05:21:36) at
    (05:21:36) at a.Pe.null(em:90)
    (05:21:36) at a.Pe.null(em:68)
    (05:21:36) at a.Ie.null(em:264)
    (05:21:36) at a.Ie.null(em:68)
    (05:21:36) at a.lpT4.v(lk:1054)
    (05:21:36) at a.Vo.null(frb:471)
    (05:21:36) at a.Vo.null(frb:640)
    (05:21:36) at a.Aq.null(rqb:7)
    (05:21:36) at a.Rq.null(erb:45)
    (05:21:36) at a.kO.null(atb:107)
    (05:21:36) at a.kO.null(atb:205)
    (05:21:36) at a.kO.null(atb:205)
    (05:21:36) at a.kO.null(atb:205)
    (05:21:36) at a.kO.null(atb:205)
    (05:21:36) at a.kO.null(atb:205)
    (05:21:36) at a.kO.null(atb:205)
    (05:21:36) at a.kO.null(atb:205)
    (05:21:36) at a.kO.null(atb:205)
    (05:21:36) at a.kO.null(atb:123)
    (05:21:36) at a.kO.move(atb:26)
    (05:21:36) at
    (05:21:36) at
    (05:21:36) at
    (05:21:36) at rm.AUx.execute(l:203)
    (05:21:36) at bot.framework.task.TaskScript.onLoop
    (05:21:36) at
    (05:21:36) at bot.framework.AbstractScript.start(v
  10. I'll add that sure, your client ran out of memory which caused that exception which is a problem for many atm.
  11. I be more and happy to test the Banking for you.
  12. Update: OSRS Support enabled, I haven't been able to test it extensively so please report any issues.
  13. script bot aint working on rs3 (both legacy mode and abilities), just says task is null
  14. will it have item loot feature anytime soon?
  15. That's weird, sure you didn't set the hitpoints incorrectly? If the script bot falls below the hitpoints value you set and you don't have food or prayer pots it won't fight.

    I have already added that, just need to test a few things and I'll upload it later today.
  16. I've made a fair few changes to MassFighter and just pushed an update for them, they should be available later today but I also need the help of some people.


    - Added the ability to select multiple npcs
    - Added the ability to select multiple custom loot

    What do I need your help with?

    I'm not that keen on implementing banking to work from anywhere and so I like the idea of a profile system, where you send me an idea (Npc names, location, loot, nearest bank) and I'll create a profile and add it to the script bot like this:

    This means that I can add the ability for each profile to avoid specific obstacles, go up stairs etc. and thoroughly test each one before adding it to the script bot, which should hopefully bring up quality.

    If you have an idea for a profile, please post here with the following information:

    Description: what the profile does.
    Npc names: names of the npcs you want to fight.
    Location: a picture would be nice, but just let me know where they are.
    Loot: what you want to loot.
    Bank: nearest bank.

    If you're familiar with Java, you can help me out a bunch by filling out this class for me.

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  17. Suggestion: Add current level, levels gained and time till level to the paint.
  18. great ill test it out then =3
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