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  1. Hey Runemate users, I am doing max main rentals; cheapest prices around Guaranteed! Why overpay for an account? 2.5-5m p/hr?? that's too much, I will match any legit rental offer & and beat that price. :)


    - You will not break any in-game rules (including RWT, games of chance, commission staking including 0%, scamming, x-logging, etc.).
    - You will not live stream account.
    - You will only trade your own accounts to trade over gold.
    - You will keep private on at all times.
    - You will have 24 hours to claim you deposit otherwise it will be forfeited
    - You will not share the account.
    - If you wish to end the rental early you will be refunded 50% of the remaining rental fee

    Breaking any of these rules will result in a termination of your rental and seizure of your deposit including any items or gp on the account.

    Not sure if this is allowed but below is my sythe vouches (edit and remove if not allowed)
    jason_rs Vouch thread

    1 Hour - 1m
    Yolo stake - 500k
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  4. Patiently waiting for someone to rent your account and bot on it..... lol
  5. If people could just use the default color for body text, that would be great. The post is literally unreadable using the Quark theme.
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  6. lmao why would you want that? Are you just mad you got banned and cant play? or do you just hate your life so much you wish negativity on others? gtfo
  7. Its the 2nd one for sure

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