OSRS Maxed Combat Let's Go

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  1. Started: 10th June 2016

    Image 1: 16th June 2016
    Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 8.41.41 PM.png
    Image 2:

    Bots Used:

    • Open Fighter by SlashnHax
    • Pi Chopper by Bertrand
    • MaxiMonks by Aidden
    • Bone Prayer by TheVTM
    • Lite Fisher by blisters
    RuneMate <3
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  2. Good luck my negus
  3. Good luck man
  4. GG Banned on 20th June 2016 - Manually banned by JMOD

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  5. Too bad you didn't last long!
    How do you know you have been manually banned?
  6. i believe ut tells you in your account settings page on the runescape website. i got a two day ban by a jmod yesterday.
  7. Botting in hotspots or just really bad luck?
  8. went down like a champ doe

    never too late to start over
  9. prob hotspot, i was at barbarian outpost willows. :S
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  10. Yep, Barbarian Village Fishing and Stronghold of Security combat training + F2P

    Red Flags everywhere, shall try again soon :p
  11. Did 50 atk, str, def, range in stronghold f2p no ban :D
  12. I did up to 65/65/65 Fishing 60 WC 60
  13. What r you doing till 80?
  14. I maxed off open-fighter, non-stop training.
    currently 99att/def/str/hp 80pray 69range 59mage

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