OSRS Maxed Zerk fully quested price?

Discussion in 'General Market' started by biiaar, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. hey guys got a maxed zerk with 75 att & 96 hp fully quested ( 219 qp ) 1700+ total and 90m+ overall.
    got fighter torso, fire cape, full angler, full range void with mage helm etc. 1300+ zulrah kc and zulrah pet.
    how much osrs cash would you give? i wanna see how much some1 is willing to give simply because im working on my pure and i don't play on it at all.
  2. $150-$200 I guess. Not sure about osrs gp.
  3. 0 osrs gp, because you'd have to be outright stupid if you pay so much for an account that's gonna get recovered within 1 week. Paypal/PA would be the safest options for these kinds of trades.
  4. you're stupid if u think i would recover it back, its registred with an email and i would give it to the person who buy it, my man u have trust issues not everyone is a dick head
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    btw i don't look for irl money , i just want osrs gp cuz im about to max out my pure.
  5. All accounts are recoverable by their original owners. E-mail or not, it doesn't matter. Also, lack of trust is almost an inevitable thing when you barely have any feedback/history on RM..

    Now, I'm not saying that you're a scammer. You might very well be the most legit guy across all runescape forums. However, PayPal/PA would still be your best bet.
  6. You could accept PayPal and then buy RSGP with the money you received.
  7. If PA=Player Auctions I would have to disagree, that place is scam city.
  8. I've sold 3 accounts without any problem
  9. It's not the selling it's the buying.
  10. Well aslong as OP isn't a scammer everything is gucci or nah?
  11. I wouldn't buy it lol
  12. Others will
  13. the account is still for sale, pm me if your intrested
  14. Yeah should be, but who knows, that site went so down hill I wouldn't consider giving them any information, and any account info must first go through them before it is transferred to the buyer.

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