MaxiAlcher 1.0.81

Alching at it's finest.

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    MaxiAlcher - Alching at it's finest.

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  2. The alcher currently uses the actionbar but clicks on each item in the inventory individually. Would it not be better just to keep casting high level alchemy on the last item in the inventory to yield more human like behavior and higher XP rates?
  3. I also can't get it to bank but I'm probably doing something wrong...
  4. It's not banking because it doesn't have bank support. You can cast alchemy on noted items which makes banking unnecessary
  5. Ah. Dat is sxe. Ignore everything I said lol.
  6. Only just saw this post, but have already fixed this. I'm guessing i forgot to change the version number so it didn't say it updated.
  7. MaxiAlcher is now Open Source and heavily commented for all you potential scripters!
  8. Got back on track scripting and finding out how things work using this, awesome :)
  9. Glad it was of use for you :) I went a little crazy with the commenting because i was making it open source xD
  10. A little? Haha it was a bit over commented for me, but good learning!
  11. xD
  12. The community have logged hundreds of hours using this bot and there have been no reported bans.
  13. casting bones to banana work ?
  14. Either you clicked the wrong bot or didn't read the description. This is an alchemy bot, it only casts high or low alchemy.
  15. is it possible for you to make it withdraw from bank and cast the spell on osrs?

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