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Discussion in 'OSRS' started by Lyrcon, Apr 4, 2016.

  1. Hi,

    Do you guys buy membership for your bot accounts ?
    I am thinking of buying membership on 2 accounts but is it worth the risk ? :p
  2. Buy membership if they survive a couple days.
  3. Been botting these accounts for almost 2 weeks now,
    I will buy OSRS mils and buy a bond first and see how that goes ^^!
  4. Just don't bot 15h a day doe... keep low profile whilst making $$
  5. Iknow, i dont bot for insane long hours, and always taking breaks! :D
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  6. There are a lot more manual bans in osrs so just be cautious...
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  7. All my bots are always P2P at level 3. Alas, but I do only p2p moneymaking methods so they work out in my favor.
  8. Alright good to know, for how long do you bot ea day ?
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    Moneymaking in F2P is a pain i have seen the last 14 days xD
  9. I used to bot 20h, but that was in rs3 half year ago.
    Always around 5-10h on osrs though.

    I've quit rs m8.
  10. curious why do u lurk around if u dont even play anymore? @Insomniac Farigh committee k chairman
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  11. Yaar I occasionally log on osrs just to pvm a little.. also, waiting for Spectre. Gonna test that shit out, along with RiD.
  12. Good shit. I hear awful things about RiD, but I hope its as good as its hyped to be. Biometric botting, now that's something.
  13. It's nothing new. We've been using biometrics since day one. Clouse and PlayerSense are two of our public implementations of it. We just don't make a big fuss about it, because it's not special. :p
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  14. Spectre is most likely gonna be way better than RiD, and it's free too. RiD Genesis, albeit in beta atm, seems interesting because of its way of replicating playstyles. You can essentially "make" a bot yourself..
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  15. Meh, I'm too cheap. I'll normally bot to 37 mage, then just run a zammy wine script bot in F2P. Running on 2-3 accounts I make about 500k p/h. It's decent enough for my playstyle.

    I wouldn't do P2P unless you had a method that earned you at least 500k p/h per bot. If you can find an autobuying script bot for Karambajwans on Karamja you could make a decent amount. Buy 130 ea from shop, sell 1138 ea on GE.
  16. Well i just bought a bond, if it survive the remaining days left i will buy a another one.
    And i mainly bot just for fun, While im playing LoL / Guild Wars 2 ETC.
    Didnt know Zammy wine,s could make that much profit a hour btw :O
  17. I do many things. Most P2P money making methods that I did earn back their bond money in first day then rest of the days are just bonus. It all depends on what script bot you got. I do air orbs mostly so they're decent money
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  18. Niceee,
    I hope i have the gp for a bond again when my days almost are over. not feeling like buying one again :D
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