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Discussion in 'Developer Support' started by laudon, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. Hey, I have a problem where the developer client is taking up 5+ gigs of ram per bot after extended use. Are other people experiencing this issue or is it just the bot I'm testing? Thanks

    Edit: This is in Darkscape.
  2. It has to be a client issue, I have the same problem. I had 8GB of ram and that wasn't cutting it so I went out and bought another 16GB, so now I has 24GB, and have had no issues. It sucks but whatever :) My rig needed a RAM upgrade anyways
  3. I'm experiencing poor ram usage on darkscape too, 2 flax pickers are using 81% of my 8gb ram, and they're still choppy
  4. Yeah it's an issue, have 32 gigs of ram desktop + labtop 8 gigs of ram and it can only run 12 bots good before it starts lagging bad if i were to run a couple more.

    32gb ram desktop before lag - 10 bots running (1.2-1.5gb each) then it starts lagging for each additional client open

    8gb ram labtop - 4 comfortably then starts lagging for each new client

    If it's possible in any way to reduce ram usage by some would greatly help :D
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  5. It's all good, powerbot has darkscape support now, man am i glad i only paid $1
  6. Goodbye and good riddance. :)
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    Load the game with the official client and play legit for an hour. Then report back how much RAM the official client uses. Then compensate for the fact that you're using highly stealthed reflection-based automation and you'll see that we're actually operating rather efficiently as it is. In my previous estimations the official client uses 1-1.5gb of RAM by itself after an hour of play.
  7. I'm not sure if I changed something or the client was updated, but after 11 hours of usage each bot is using around 1 gb of RAM or less instead of the previous 5+ gb.
  8. Just went on powerbot to test out some scripts bots, most of them don't even support darkscape, even the main script bot library on their main page does not even have that many great free scripts bots unlike runemate which has a great library which supports darkscape

    Only thing powerbot has for them is lower ram usage.. startup is about 500mb usage while runemate takes up 1gb

    Official darkscape client on startup is 400mb
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