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Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by Chris The Dork, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. Hello there,

    I understand at the moment, there's a couple of bots that can bring a profit. Such as the high-level alching, or picking flax etc. But they're not really high profit, infact you could leave them on all day and not really end up with much for the time invested. I was wondering if any of the bot developers have anymore money making scripts bots in line or under development? Say a blue/frost dragons method script bot, or something along those lines. I would really like a script bot that could pull in a couple of million geepee an hour. Thank you to all the developers for your continued superb efforts!
  2. Perhaps you can suggest money making methods that are decently botable. If I can make it and it doesn't take weeks, I will probably make it.
  3. I mentioned two above, killing blue dragons for the bones and/or their hides, or possibly having a frost dragon script bot. I'd say the blue dragon method would be best as it's more accessible for people, however I understand what kind of work would go into creating a script bot based around dragon farming, there's a lot of factors to consider, but this is just my suggestion anyway. :)
  4. I personally have suggest mort myre fungus for months now, Shame nobody has acted upon it.
  5. Just wondering as I've not heard of this method before (returning player after loooong absence of years), what are the requirements to do it? I think the main thing to consider for any developer thinking of releasing a new and shiny money making script bot, would be consideration for the possible requirements to do said method. It'd be great if there is a script bot available that doesn't require too many skills/quests before being able to do it.
  6. I was thinking about making this, with POH support and TokKul-Zo, perhaps even Morytania legs 1.

    Regarding that Blue Dragon Killer. What are the best ways to kill those and where? Taverley Dungeon?
  7. Taverley Dungeon resource dungeon is good, so is the Ogre Enclave.
  8. @SlashnHax Where you going to make a dragon killer?
  9. It's on my list, but then again my list is really long at the moment
  10. That's what she said, but on topic, I might add it to my list then.
  11. This would be fantastic! And the most likely place for the blue dragons would be Taverly Dungeon. :)

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