RS3 Money making method?

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  1. Anyone have a good money making method that they bot through pvm? If so, what script bot do you use?
  2. Alpha Fighter Beta since you are looking for a pvm script bot :D
    There are also other pvm scripts bots but i dont know if they have all the options you would like.
    Pvm scripts bots are less safe to use when trying to make good profit unless you want to kill something lower level for herbs or other quick money loot.
  3. Bossing using Alpha Fighter Beta it's afk.
  4. Bossing using alpha fighter, didn't know that was a thing...
  5. It's only in KBD cause it's the easiest.
  6. does that actually make you money?
  7. How do you even setup Alpha Fighter to kill KBD..?

    Are you just starting the bot at KBD and leave it there until it's out of food, restock manually then start again?
  8. I actually use custom setup. It stops manually after an hour it's in RS3 when you fight the boss.
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    I do get good drops. Dragon rider boots and visage. Sometimes 1 sometimes none.
  9. @Synonym your money making method with KBD is actually good i tired it for 3 days at least you make money and don't get caught i love doing kbd :D
  10. Do you type in a price trigger on Alpha Fighter or do you just type in the drops name manually?
    Also, does it bank by itself & go back?
  11. I write all the loots the ones that are noted and rares, I don't write the Bones and Hide. The custom setup in RS3 stops after an hour and the bot aswell stops at that.
  12. But does it bank doe?
  13. You bank it yourself cause you should know it stops at an hour...
  14. Why does it do this? & how do I bypass this!?
  15. How lazy are you guys?....

    Guys get an ALARM put it on an hour after you bot then boom. You bank your stuff rinse and repeat.
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  16. Creating instance which lasts for 1 hour i think.
  17. What is the GP/h like sorry?
  18. Dude I'm not monitoring this bot every hour. I have real life stuff to do, lol. I just don't understand why it stops after an hour :l
  19. 2 Mil if no rare drops. But mostly I make 3m - 5m. I have god's luck.
  20. whats your invent setup

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