OSRS Motherlode Mine

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by kazemanie, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. Motherlode Mine bot.

    See here for more information:

    Motherlode Mine

    More than happy to pay should it be a premium bot!
  2. Hmm i might consider one.
  3. I'll be honest with ya, got a maxed melee 1550 total level account sitting there doing nothing. At least if its mining it can earn me some GP :p
  4. What level is required to support every feature? Or, what features would you want in one?
    Btw not considering making it premium.
  5. 30 mining is required then 72 for top floor i believe
  6. Ok in this case I would need an account to test on.
  7. i got one i can shoot to yoou tomorrow
  8. This would be legit and I would donate personally to the developer if he/she did a clean sharp job of it.
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  9. want me to pm you details providing the acc for mlm?
  10. Not yet. I will get back to you though.
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    Starting the project now :)
  11. you needing an account for it bud?
  12. I will setup a framework first and start to write the general tasks, I will need an account later on :)
  13. ok just shoot me a mail when needed bro!
  14. [​IMG]

    Small snippet of the pathfinding/traversing.
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  15. Awe yeah, I might just cry <3
  16. Generally the bot is done. It supports only the lower floor yet though and needs some testing and removal of bugs.
    Expect it in 2 or 3 days!
  17. Awesome will start suiciding a mining bot and report bugs/flaws as we go along
  18. I assume it has been optimized for spectre?
    I will gladly create a fresh account and throw a bond on it to suicide bot with this once released.
  19. Well it's freshly made, also I've optimized resource usage, so it should run smoothly with spectre.
    Currently legitly powermining copper to get level requirements. :p

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