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  1. When im playing other games it will always minimise from the runescape client clicking is there anyway to stop this? sorry for not been more specific
  2. Have you tried minimising the RuneScape client?
  3. yeh i minimise everything but it keeps minimising my game even now whilst im typing this the mouse keeps clicking of this text box to click something on the runescape client
  4. I have this same problem. It doesn't seem to happen for every bot or even every instance of a particular bot. I would say it's around 70% of the time. Minimizing does not fix it.
  5. This issue just started occurring for me within the past 24 hours. I am on the newest patch of the client.
  6. Minimizing it from the windows taskbar usually stops it for me. Or clicking off of the client when the client requests the mouse control; like if you time it right instead of the client taking control of the mouse/typing and forcing itself to the front, itll just give an alert change like a normal window (blinking orange) on the system taskbar.
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  7. Thanks for that advice. Minimizing it from the taskbar worked for me :)
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