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  1. I feel that you tend to get caught more when you're running the same bot for extended hours. running through the same mouse paths and the same clicks and all that good stuff, I've been thinking about a bot that runs from one task to another or to several.

    You can have the bot link together several different tasks from a list and then carry them out for "x" amount of hours.

    Example: Mine Iron - W. Varrok (2hrs) > Kill Hill Giants - Edgeville Dungeon (3 hrs) > Complete Slayer Tasks (4 tasks) > etc.

    It's a big bot, so you know, supporters only and such. but I think it could kill a bit of the random banning while still getting you exp/money in a timely fashion.
  2. While I think this is a great Idea, and a bot like this is already being developed, I think that with the time and effort it would take to create a fully fuctional bot to do all of this it wouldn't be worth it. The ban wave that's going on right now is just that, a ban wave, I hope.

    Yes a bot doing this would be amazing thing about all the work that would have to go into this, especially with the slayer tasks and constant changing of gear, I don't know if its really sensible to create this.
  3. Well, like you said it would take a lot of time to create. However, It could definitely be worth it.
    With the large variety of tasks for the bot to follow it would be coming with it's own ultimate anti-ban. Your mouse wouldn't follow the same path for hours on end. Slayer was just an option. Obviously you can limit the amount of tasks it can be given to strictly skilling or combat. for skilling, everything you'll need will be on your toolbelt. Not even a problem with changing gear. If you want to go as far as make a slayer aspect, then changing gear would have to be included, as it is with every slayer bot. (or should be).

    These ban waves that are coming out now have to be strictly hitting people with predictable mouse paths and/or areas. Something that can be easily caught by a script bot or noticed by a mod. Both of those are combated by the idea of this bot. Now, if they're banning based on clients, then it doesn't even matter what bot you use, because you're fucked anyways.
  4. Runemate could support scheduling. This would remove the need of huge bots.
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