Multi thread handling?

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  1. Does RuneMate already has multi thread support? I mean... thread pool or something like that... so when I create a thread and make it move mouse, it wont conflict with the running script bot
  2. In all honesty, that would require the client to lock the mouse down, which is a bad idea in my opinion.
    If I want to move the mouse using thread B while thread A is moving the mouse, I want the current movement cancelled, as the target location would simply change. This way you can more rapidly respond to unexpected events.
  3. I believe that currently the mouse and keyboard are synchronized. Although I do agree with what salvation said and may change it in the near future.
  4. Not necessarily, the parallel mouse job (in my case an antiban thread) could wait until the main thread stops using the mouse, well when I think more about it, it doesnt seem very good because main thread needs mouse constantly xD
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