Multiple bots with 1 Runemate account

Discussion in 'General' started by rsnoob500, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. First of all sorry if this isnt the correct catagory to post this thread on but it thought general was the most logical one.

    Is it a good idea for me to run multiple bots logged in with this account? Rsnoob500? i created a different one for a different account but i kind of thought it was a waste, im also kind of worried that Jagex might notice the two accounts running on 1 pc, can anyone help me with this or give me some advice as to how to do it?

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  2. You are only allowed to have one account at RuneMate. You will be able to run 2 clients unless you upgrade to supporter then you will be able to run 3 clients.
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  3. Max one RM account allowed for obvious reasons.
    Basically free users are allowed 2 clients.
    1$/month per client after that. For example, 2$/month for max 4 clients.
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  4. Also if you're worried about Jagex tracking IPs, RuneMate supports proxies :D
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  5. Thanks for the quick answers that cleares the mist for me!


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