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Discussion in 'Client & Site Suggestions' started by Neospacian, Jul 19, 2014.

  1. I would love the ability to run multiple clients off of one open client. Like having multiple tabs running on the same open RuneMate.

    Once RuneMate takes off and we have a huge influx of members and scripters I would love to be able to run 3 seperate clients, one that is running my 5 Runespan Accounts, one that is running my 5 Combat Accounts, and one that is running my 5 Runecrafters. Would definently help with my OCD/Organization haha.
  2. With the way the current API is, that would cause problems in the future. If we had a non static API, that would have been possible, however, since our API is static, each new tab is basically a new game window.
  3. Not quite true. All @Neospacian is asking for is tabs for purely organizational sake, which is definitely feasible with a little hacking. In fact you'd even get a slight performance gain. Correct me if I'm wrong @Cloud.
  4. Multiple tabs within the client is not going to be implemented because it adds complications when utilizing a static API. Of course it is possible, but then thread management becomes something that needs to be considered when preparing a script bot, and then there is the biggest problem which is the fact that all GUI's share a single thread within java so if multiple script bot GUIs are all calling the API at once there is no way to figure out which environment to provide the data from.
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  6. Thus the "with a little hacking" condition. I'm going to push back, but we'll save that for another day in the post-public release future. :p
  7. Run each new tab in it's own JVM. Problem solved.
  8. I mentioned that to Arbiter yesterday but it introduces it's own set of management problems.

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