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  1. I like hearing new music and feel like too many people judge today's music based only on radio hits, which is (and always has been) a silly thing to do. Share music that you enjoy. Don't post songs with tens of millions of views.

    Here are a bunch from me to get us started. Not sorted by genre or anything, because who cares about that crap. Its a melting pot. Listen to some mystery music and find something new you enjoy. (though I listen to a lot of relaxing music, so most of this will be pretty chill.)

    Alekesam - All is Forgiven

    Float Fall - Someday
    Major Myjah - Cry
    Henrik the Artist and Kochi Boy - Friends Forever
    WZRDKID - Hitchhiker's Galaxy
    A R I Z O N A - Let Me Touch Your Fire
    Arin Ray - YOU
    Wolf Colony - Beauty
    Child Actor - Ordinary World
    De̊ǰa - Sirens
    Chaos Chaos - Do You Feel It?
    KALEIDA - Think
    20syl Feat. Fashawn - Copycat
    Willow Beats - Merewif
    Great Good Fine Ok - By My Side
    Bears Den - Above The Clouds Of Pompeii
    Tep No Feat. Heather Janssen - Safe Dream
    Koi. - Ginseng
    Lox Chatterbox - Batshit Bananas
    Courtney Barnett - Avant Gardener
    Frances - Grow
    Magic City Hippies - Bull Ride
    Kitty - Drink Tickets
    Neon Indian - Annie
    Oh, Be Clever - River
    Lazerhawk - Overdrive

    P.S. threads with a ton of youtube embeds suck eggs to load so just post the artist + title and make it link to the video/soundcloud/etc
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  3. I'm assuming RuneMate auto-embeds.

    Type out Artist Name - Song Title, highlight it, and click the little chain link in the top of the post box. Paste the link in the window that pops up.

    Thanks for sharing that song. Very mellow.
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  4. For the people that prefer some guitars -google: If Trees Could Talk - Left to rot and rust
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  5. For the lazy
    If These Trees Could Talk - Left To Rust and Rot

    Thanks for the recommendation. That song was definitely interesting. I get really carried away by some music like that Henrik the Artist song I posted (4th song down). Love songs that make me feel like I'm in a whole new place.
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    Share more music pls friends

    coddneck - TORIMICHI
    TENDER - Melt
    Jean Tonique - What You Wanna Do
    kiiara - Feels
    doujinshi - fruits
    iamamiwhoami - fountain
    Years and Years - Shine
    Young Wonder - Intergalactic
    Nicole Millar - Taken
    IYES - Lions
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