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  1. Cloud requested me to make a thread for bugs i find as i do find quite a few and the reason he asked me to do so was so that others can confirm these bugs im guessing.

    ability.isReady() -> Only takes to account if an ability is on cool-down. If an ability requires 50% energy and the player only has 20% energy the function still returns true.

    bank.withdraw() -> If you are on tab 5 and you are trying to withdraw an item on tab 6 for example runemate withdraws the first item of tab 5 repetitively.

    npc.validate() -> Not working at all, for example if i kill a dragon and run validate it returns true.
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  2. @frazboyz did the latest update fix any of these issues?
  3. Not scripting at the moment sorry.
  4. Just let us know at your convenience then. :)
  5. Sounds good :)
  6. Fixed Npc.isValid
  7. @frazboyz Could you please confirm if any of these are still prolematic for you?

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