RS3 My old fully botted account

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by Zasz, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Except for quests.


    Felt proud of that... EVERYTHING botted, used to be my account for testing / making any script bot. (like a year or so ago)
  2. Damn, quite a nice achievement!

    Why not try go for the max cape? :p
  3. Thanks, Idk, I may start continuing to bot the skills back up should the need arise. Right now its just a pretty sight to look at. In my head I get a milestone to set. So basically I will attempt to get the stats the same or higher on another account most likely before I bot on this one again. (Already like 20% of the way there on a few other accounts)

    ty :)
  4. Nice!:) 120 dung next?
  5. nice work dude.
  6. Awesome bro. I'm also trying to make a suicide account now, let's see how far it'll get. :p
  7. Nice man! Hahaha.

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