Dark My proggie so far

Discussion in 'Screenshots' started by billyd, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. So far this is a on and off, all skills are botted, times vareys ill do 6-8 hours then a 4 hour break and repeat, go for 12 hours strait, and sometimes 4 hours a day and sometimes nothing for a few days, but it got me this far in about 3 weeks with no bann :)

  2. Nice progress mate.. Be carefull and you'll surely progress a lot more.. Keep it going.
  3. How much cash u made m8?
  4. Nice! What is your main moneymaker? Fishing? Or RC? I have 80+ RC from runespan alone, but not sure if it is worth RCing in darkscape, since its so complex with all the pvp.

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