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Discussion in 'Goals' started by icybow14, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. I went into this, thinking this account would be banned within 3 days, considering how heavily monitored botting is on OSRS. Here are my current stats, completely botted.

    My Gear:
  2. Nice! How long have you been botting on it?
  3. I've just hit 10 days.
  4. Wow botting must be really slow on OSRS?

    Whats your exp rates for combat?
  5. Bot combat to max with nmz.
  6. Roughly 41k an hour, yes training is very slow on OSRS
  7. What bots are you using? Very cool!
  8. How many hours per day are you botting?
  9. Sometimes 7, others 4-5, one day, not at all.
  10. Are you using MassFighter?
  11. Yes, I was using MassFighter.
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  12. You should post what the account looks like now :D (as well as wealth)
  13. The account doesn't look much difference considering this was posted yesterday
  14. I have an account with similar stats mind sharing location where you train pm me if you want :p

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