Near Maxed RS3 Account + OSRS Account for sale

Discussion in 'General Market' started by kazemanie, Oct 2, 2015.

  1. I am looking to sell my near maxed Runescape 3 Account which also has a Old School account.

    I am the original owner of this account, and have the account history available for the purchaser.

    I am only really wanting to sell this for 2007 OSRS gold as I am not interested in going through the hassle of Paypal unless there is a worthwhile offer.

    I am aware this may seem suspicious since I am new to these forums, however after hearing about Darkscape I tried to give Runescape (and botting) a go again but don't have the addiction to this game I once had :)

    Despite having the two bans on record, the account was never rolled back or punished beyond a few days of a ban.

    I am not some teenager looking to scam someone, I'm in my mid 20s now and have long moved on from this game - I am simply interested in seeing if this account is worth a bit of money to have some fun on Old School RS, or even some money for real life purchases.

    Happy to use a middleman or some other service if it makes you feel more comfortable - I may look in to listing this on PlayerAuctions as well.




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  2. How much gold would you like for this?
  3. I honestly have no idea how much accounts are worth these days - I am open to offers from everyone to see what the market response is.

    I have previously been offered $250 USD from a Chinese account buying/selling website - this appears to be around 170m in OSRS gold?
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  4. I would say it isnt worth that much due to those 2 bans. With those 2 bans, botting on the account would be ALOT harder + no leaderboard etc
  5. l0l how did you manage to get banned for two macroing majors in 2 days?
  6. maybe like aouto clicker?
  7. and how'd you get unbanned..
  8. Being an ex-player moderator has its perks :)

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  9. Not on this account for sale, but another account yes.
  10. My account was banned once back when I made bots for RSbot for major macro no stats were rolled back I had to go 24 hours without playing
  11. Is the RS3 account still available?
  12. What's your offer?
  13. I'd like to know more about it. The lack of quest points is a cause for concern.
  14. How is that a cause for concern?

    I have never really enjoyed doing quests and only completed the ones I had to - gear requirements, training locations etc. 271/376 isn't that bad.

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