RS3 Need 60-85 Dung Power leveling

Discussion in 'General Market' started by cody smith, May 13, 2015.

  1. Please post offers and how long please. Only accredited. Thanks! Willing to pay RS3 GP or Paypal thanks!
  2. Hello Cody Smith!

    I am 120 Dungeoneering in my main with 117m XP, but i haven't dung in a while. I would have to check before and see how things are this days. Couldn't give a date aswell, but i am interested :)

    We could use @EvilCabbage as a Midle-Man for this service, because i don't have much feedback yet around here.

    Thanks for your attention :)
  3. i could help you out. pm me if interested
  4. how much are we talking
  5. i can do it for 67.5m
  6. how long would it take u
  7. not sure. all depends on gear + stats, and how much i want to do dungeoneering every day.
  8. if you are just leeching the floors, and teleport when i tell you to. we could have that done within a week of 8hrs dung a day, i'm 107 dung and have been working on max atm. but if you want you can tag along with my team. we only have 4 so you being the 5th would be okay. i would charge you 45M. these would be large C6

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