Need help with a Botting + Gaming PC Build

Discussion in 'Programming & Hardware' started by Dylan Turner, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. Hi guys,

    Next month, i will be looking at upgradiong my hardware, and i will try get as much return on investment through botting on this pc.

    I want to spend between $1274.75 - $2040.46USD ($1750 - $2800 NZD)

    i want to run as many bots as possible, but would rather spend less, then my maximum amount, i only set it as that because i would only spend that much if someone had a good explanation, why to spend the extra.

    so really im looking for value for money for the greatest number of bots

    any advice will be hugely appreciated

    thanks for the read x
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but why not set up your botting farm on a dedicated VPS?

    Saves you the initial investment cost of $2k, and although you will have regular overheads to cover (cost of VPS), you will be able to cancel or scale your bot farm up or down according to progress or setbacks.
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  3. is this even a viable money maker?
  4. Looks more like he's looking for return on investment rather than profit.

    For botting, CPU and RAM are the main factors.
    For gaming, GPU is probably the largest factor.

    RX 470 is pretty good in terms of frames/$ for 1080p gaming (I'm getting around 120fps on ultra on DOOM using Vulkan).
    16GB of RAM is around $100 now (Australian prices)

    Although it probably is cheaper and more sustainable to upgrade your current PC for gaming and use a VPS for botting.
  5. Are you an Aussie?
  6. @Ipwnu2day @SlashnHax @kazemanie i currently have a gaming laptop and now want a desktop, so i am kinda looking for an excuse to buy one :p, but also would be cool to see some return on investment while also botting to me is almost a hobby aswell idk why i just really like the gainz, but thanks for the virmarch link, i may have to look at getting a vps and a few accs going on it and see if it is stable enough for runemate, an maybe can use some profits off it (if i make any :p ) towards the new pc

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