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    Mar 18, 2015
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    Hello I'm a busy rs player I have lots of Pk accs I need help with managing, its too stressful for me and my partner we got work and school, so we looking for 1 more to share our pk accs with. Some1 who plays Legacy and OSRS who isn't a scumbag

    My accs I got 7 different kinds on Legacy and 3 OSRS i'm building. The ones on legacy can already farm lots of money thru pking, because they are all completely maxed just need some quests. We looking for a guy who can mainly help us on OSRS because the accs on legacy mode are built, but some need quests. In exhange for quests you can use these pk accounts. We not looking for a scumbag type of person to quest just looking for someone honest and understand that this is a team thing. If not than this isn't for you. This is for someone who pk both in Legacy and OSRS, because we have maxed zerk/turm//1def138 accs and other accs on legacy, but our OSRS are still shit.

    Need left to max all accounts
    ~120 QP on 2 accounts in OSRS maybe mith glove+dt+lost city + mm on 1 more
    ~finishing RFD quests on 2 acs 1 def need mith/maxed 40 def acc need bglove + lunar on Legacy mode

    so for just that help you can use all these accs that's a max cape, max zerk, max turm pure, another turm pure, and a few 1 def and a dh acc, as well as some OSRS acc that we building to also pk. So this is a group effort if you don't understand that than fuck off
    Please send me a message if you're honest and interested not going to check back here most likely, because I expect alot of people to write stupid things or things that don't even matter or need to be written so I wish you would all just GL me, not looking for a scumbag Thanks for reading.
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