Needing a New Router?

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  1. Okay, so currently I have Hitron CGN3 and so far I'm not too impressed with it. It seems almost like I get my internet in bursts (I'll have it, than lose it). But it's not losing internet, just seems the speeds drop for no reason. But was curious if someone with more knowledge would help me out? I can give more information but honestly not sure what to give.
  2. How far away from the router are you and what software does your router run?
  3. Honestly not too far maybe 20-25 ft at most? and as for that, I'm not sure one sec.
  4. I'm about the same distance from mine in my house and I frequently get disconnected from my WiFi with a new router, so what you are experiencing is the same thing as me probably. I have yet to look into the cause specifically but with a new router and DD-WRT software I still experience this. Whats odd is that it happens a lot over a period of time then the problem goes away for weeks at a time. My first thought was the wiring in the walls because I live in a fairly older house and my computer desk is surrounded by metal (trophies, electronics, pipes, etc) which might be causing interference.

    Some things that might help:

    My first step was to eliminate any possibility for the router assigning an IP to two different devices at once (DHCP). To do this set it to assign an IP outside of the automatic IP range to certain MAC addresses in your house, this will prevent the router from confusing itself.

    Next move any electronics or wires away from your close proximity of your router. I found my speakers were really close to the router and produced white noise when the router was on and nothing when it was off. This boosted my signal from 1/5 bars in my room to 4/5 oddly enough.

    I'm still looking into the problem myself. Just be 100% sure its your router and not your internet that is the issue.
  5. well do you have skype so I can talk to you easier?
  6. I'm no expert at these things but since we live far away from the city (and therefor get bad internet signal) I use the thumb rule to just buy whatever internet related item is best rated/most expensive (those two usually go hand in hand). No need to save a few dollars on an item you're quite depending on that you will use for years..
  7. I have a Belkin that's not exactly top of the line, but it gets the job done.
    What I've noticed is if there's more than one device using the wifi it will tend to get slower and it will often times disconnect/flicker.
    The further away you are from the router, the worst it'll be.
    My only advice would be to just simply update your router to something better as that's what I'm planning to do.

  8. The first thing I would do is set up a wired connection from the router to a computer, stop all internet dependent applications, and run a speed test. As @EvilCabbage was saying, it's most likely not your router at all, but rather your ISP. I never skimp on internet, but I ISP hop like no other to get the best deals/speeds. Careful with Comcast though; they have tempting deals but you'll spend far too long on customer service with them.
  9. I live in canada so no comcast here. But I get about 97 down, 4 up. But I ran a speedtest on my computer, and here's what the graph looks like. [​IMG]
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  10. Uh stop complaining, then? I get 4 up 1 down... Lol
  11. The problem is it goes from being 97 down, to being like 2 down when I'm trying to do something every minute, for like 15 seconds.
  12. So it drops when you try to do things?

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