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  1. Hi guys! So this post is basically more of a discussion at the moment since I do need some feedback from pro-bot users before I attempt anything. So I have this idea to create a new network of bots which work hand in hand for an economy to produce gold.

    My goal is to start out with 3 RS3 and 3 OSRS bots and test the maximum gold gathering efficiency for a week. After that, I'll use the gold to buy bonds, create more accounts and thus expanding the circle.

    My aim is to create a money making circle (which I already planned out) and produce gold which will be cheaper to sell to people.

    The only problem I'm facing at the moment is what to use to get that starting 3.5 / 4m for OSRS bonds and the 30m for RS3. Anyone would be so kind as to tell me which bots are most profitable?
    PS. I already have an RS3 account which does around 300k p/h

    Thank you for taking the time to answer!
  2. I pretty much used the same concept of you:
    start with one account > make mems > farm > make another mems
    Easiest way to kick start it for me was to just swap enough EOC gold for a 07 bond and then bot red chins for more gold. Not saying it's the safest or best way but it's what got me going.
  3. Red chins method for osrs mate? I'm still trying to find something better for RS3 aswell .. i'm thinking maybe to buy runemate premium
  4. For RS3 it all depends on your combat levels, Ascensions are around 1-3/hr but are usually crowded. Could try the slayer bot if your slayer level is high. Other than that bossing the the best gp/hr, I farm gwd semi-afk for gold since it's ridiculously easy.
  5. no unfortunately I only have lvl 50 atk str and def atm .. got that in 2 days. However i'll try something else .. thanks mate !
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    two osrs accounts banned after approximately one week.
  6. If you'd like some help from a semi-pro botter you can contact me, i'll give you some great tips to stay out of bans, currently have 5 bots running, never been banned.
    Skype: managerpb
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