New Forums Made Dedicated to Runescape Trading!

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    Hi everyone I have put together new Forums 100% Dedicated to Runescape trading e.g accounts, gold. These Forums are brand new TODAY, I am looking to build a community so if anyone wishes to sign up feel free to do so here: Free forum : RsTradetoday

    Why Did I do this?

    I did this after looking at other trading forums and after using them myself I noticed that they was not very well moderated so I have decided to form RsTradeToday which will be moderated daily and reports will be taken seriously so users can trade knowing that the chance of scam will be minimum

    Is This Free?

    These forums are 100 percent free I have done this to build a community.

    Want to help?

    I am on the lookout for staff who will be Dedicated to the cause but at the moment the biggest thing you guys can do is help me build this community which is brand new today by checking the forums out here:

    Last note

    Thank you for reading this far, please note the forums are brand new and there are last changes being made but feel free to sign up and introduce yourself. :) I hope to build a large active community and with your help we can. :)

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    Check us out, give me any advice on anything you think i should add maybe remove? :)

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