RS3 New livid farm bot

Discussion in 'Bot Requests' started by mikerz, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. itd be nice to get a new livid farm bot this is the toughest skill for me to endure and no sites have livid farm bots itd be a good start for rune mate to be the only one with them
  2. There already is a bot for this
  3. You right. Anyway, I tested it out, and it have some problems on verifying the type of "plant" that needs healing. Is like it not recognize the model from the object. It loose some time trying to get the correct plant.
    So we don't need a new bot for this, but just some fixes for the Alpha Livid Farm.
  4. And you found no way to notify the bpt author about that problem?
  5. I was not really remembering this problem why not use this bot for a long time. I edited my last post saying that we no need a new bot (for now, at least..), only just fixes solves the problem, it is enough.
  6. Current Bot doesn't work

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