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  1. I've been with OSBot since it's first day. Recently, with the new problems OSRS has had with botting bans, RuneMate admins have handled this very well. OSBot? Their admins have done nothing but denied it while bans keep increasing. They can't "look bad". Approached one with this, he ignorantly and rudely closed it and denied it again.
    Community here seems so much less toxic and mature, can't wait to meet some of you guys.
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  2. Glad to welcome you at the forums :)
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  3. Welcome :)
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  4. They can't handle the truth lol

    anyways, welcome mate!
  5. You are now part of a very exclusive community, welcome. Stick around and enjoy the ride, mate.
  6. Welcome my friend :)
  7. Regarding OSBot, I've never been on their site, but it sounds like they are just immature and just don't want to harm their precious reputation, so they just pretend they are having everything under controll, while RuneMate, and this sounds pretty slimy, truly cares about its users :)
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  8. [​IMG]

    Welcome. :)
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  9. I too am a new user, and appreciate all the hard work y'all are putting in.

    I'd like to contribute somehow, what's the best way?
  10. Become a supporter:)
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  11. This ^
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  12. If you don't want to spend money you can aswell just be active on the forums and help other users, or, if you are into coding and that stuff, you might want to try at writing some bots for the community :)
  13. Welcome bro, I can assure you that you have made the right decision to come here.
    In all the years that I have been botting, I have never seen a client with support and a community like RuneMate, honestly.
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  14. 1$ bruh... 1 fucking dollah ain't gonna hurt nobody

    Contributing with bots is also a good idea;)
  15. Ye but maybe he is a bit younger and has no paypal or so, its bot about the amount :)
  16. Steal his parents credit card to pay for supporter. Commitment at its finest.

    or use visa prepaid card
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  17. Welcome to RuneMate man, i'm sure you'll like it here :p Yeah we try to put user experience and safety ahead of other things like money and reputation. Our community is pretty chill compared to others :)
  18. Your in for a treat, I've come from Tribot and haven't looked back.
    The community here is always helpful, anti-detection measures are excellent, and most scripts bots work great.

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