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  1. I am a new programmer that would love to begin coding scripts bots for Runemate; however, I need a little push in the right direction to begin. I have eclipse and have downloaded Runemate.jar. I just need to understand how to add runemate.jar to my java library in order to let me use all of the methods in it to begin coding. Thank you for the help!!
  2. I can actually recommend getting some prior programming knowledge, I'm studying Computer Science where I got a lot of programming and this makes it so much easier to program bots.

    For people that want to learn it on their own I can recommend:
    - TheNewBoston (YouTube)
    - for deeper understanding of design patterns in programming I recommend the book/ebook Head First Design Patterns (helps you out a lot)
    Head First Design Patterns pdf

    As far as IDE, I also recommend IntelliJ as it's way superior over Eclipse.
  3. Tbh, to write bots, there is hardly any knownledge needed :)
    If you can read the Javadocs, you are good to go :)
  4. I'm not arguing with that, I'm just stating that some general knowledge can bring one miles further than just writing bots. It will also create a bigger understanding.
  5. You made a valid point there :)
  6. I use Eclipse at school, i was just wondering why I should try IntelliJ? Looking to begin writing some bots :)
  7. Because IntelliJ is the most used IDE for commercial purposes. Offers native support for a lot of stuff and has a ton of features which you won't find in eclipse.
  8. Use Eclipse. IntelliJ is great if you're looking to go professional or a career. However, 90% of its features won't be used by someone just writing bots. Use something you are familiar with, have set up and know already works.

    And by all means Eclipse is not a bad thing. I know the hivemind is to use IntelliJ, but I used Eclipse for a number of years and had no disadvantages. I started seeing that I required things that were only available in IntelliJ and chances are you might hit that point too.


    On a side note, if you want an electronic resource that covers everything: this is the best you can get. It can be very boring and bland, but is reviewed to perfection and covers everything.

    Apart from that, I personally recommend Deitel. Their books tend to be costly though; however, its not like you need the latest edition. Especially if you're just looking for the basics.


    I've been helping people pick up programming for years as well as providing help and code reviews. From what I've seen, the Oracle tutorials can be hard to follow, so don't push yourself and write stupid programs that make you laugh. However, they tend to have the best end results. Usually I'll recommend these sort of things, person reads an article or two on the issue they have and never make the mistake again.

    Hope this helped and happy coding!
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  9. Thank you very much for the help! I code in java 5 days a week, specifically with LibGDX by BadLogic. I'll stick to eclipse and ill keep in touch around here once I start.
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  11. Well do you want to truly learn Java or do you simply wish to learn how to create basic scripts bots? Learning Java will take a while, but learning the basic concepts which are required to write scripts bots can easily be done in a few hours. I suggested picking a skill of your choice and jotting down the logic required to accomplish the task, referring to the API documents of course. It's gonna be time consuming and frustrating scanning through and trying to understand the API's initially but in the end it is worth it, good luck!

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