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  1. Hello runematers
    I've been playing the game since 2 months or maybe a bit more, used to bot couple hours a day because you know new accounts are being heavily watched and now I've got the money to buy a bond, so I'm in need for some advices about:
    1- the best moneymaking method I can do to ensure that I'll have money for the next bond before it expires "I'm planning to get the money for the next bond within its first 4 or five days" and those are my stats

    2- the skills I should start doing first
    I'll be pleased If you guys gave me some guides or links that would help
    Thanks in advance :D

  2. Honestly, just try to get a lot of easy quests done and get every skill to say level 60. Work away those 1's. For guides I would just look at Wikipedia - they cover all you need to know and more. One tip is that you should train combat with Slayer. So train combat by doing slayer tasks.
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  3. I was putting this as my second priority I mean after covering the money for my next bond. what worries me is that I won't be able to cover the money before the bond ends :D
  4. Best thing is probably to train woodcutting to be able to cut yews. So if you fail to save up enough cash for the bond you can still cut yews in f2p.
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  5. Yeah, this is not a bad idea.
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  6. Just train divination. An easy and fast way to earn money for bonds. It's 1m+ at lvl 95, and at least 500k+ at around 60 divination (vibrant energies).
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  7. Sweet, thanks! :D
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