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  1. HI,
    Quick questions, How do i keep the bot setting tray up? I'd to always to load the bot again.
    How is this bot better RID, Rsbot and etc. BTW well-done for being the only one able to bot Darkscape.
    Is there a way i can use one button game-play option and not have any issues eating or looting?

    Thanks that's all
  2. Welcome RuneMate!

    1. Idk
    2. RuneMate is the best client due to the high perfomance, not to mention the ban rates are very low. RiD and RSBot are both coming very soon(never). The thing with RiD is that it's very limited with accounts and botting time. Also, RSBot is synonym of shit.
    3. Idk
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  3. 3. Yes, You can.
  4. more specific pls?
  5. Setting button (next to play scripts bots button), force menu interaction. Thats it :)
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  6. AHH ty very much sir
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  7. No problem :)
  8. ughh tried it the force menu interaction doesn't work
  9. @Cloud
  10. i dont get it?
  11. He's tagging Cloud so he will see this thread and look into this issue for you.

    Cloud is the main developer for RuneMate (I believe)
  12. Wow I see how it is. </3
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  13. It was my understanding that he was the main developer and you play more of a CEO/community manager role while still occasionally helping with development.

    I don't actually know what you guys do though, I just made all that up in my head... seemed right for some reason.
  14. Also I just tested "Force Menu Interactions" and it works perfectly for me. What's the issue @rowxs?
  15. If I only knew the problem was, I would tell you, but unfortunately I don't. I'm using RuneMate.bat file that i made myself to allocate more ram "java -jar -Xmx1024m RuneMate.jar". I am also using the latest java 64 bit.. so I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

    P.S did you try this in darkscape or rs3? I will try reinstalling runemate
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  16. I tried it with DarkScape. I meant what is the behavior that it is showing that you believe is incorrect?
  17. Whenever i start a bot the GUI of the current bot dissapear no matter what i do.. reinstalling runemate doesnt work

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